Texas Emojis and Stickers – For True Texans

Y’all are fixin’ to have more fun than you can shake a stick at, just sending these.

Made for Texans, by a born and raised Texan

Lord willing and the creek don’t rise, I’m gonna give you a way to express everything you ever feel about being a Texan.

Come hell or high water, you’ll have a sticker for every Texan saying, Texan food, Texan joke, and Texan feeling that ever graced this great state.

Whether you’re a Dallas city slicker, an Austin hippie, or life out in BFE, you’ll find the expressions you’re lookin’ for here.

This aint my first rodeo, either. I’ve been walking and talking Texan since birth, and this is my third iOS app. If there’s ever a problem with the app, I’ll be here to help you like you’re my next door neighbor. Because that’s just how we do it in Texas.

90 Texas Emojis, and many more on the way!