Five Stars For This Lone Star State Coloring Book

The Big Texas Coloring Book lives up to its name. Because it’s big, it’s all about Texas, and the pages are all set to add color and imagination into. It just needs an artist with the gumption to color it all in.

This Texas-sized coloring book is a big ‘ol heap of fun for children, and coloring book fans of all ages. It was created by a native Texan for kids from Texas, and everywhere else around the world too, to pick up and enjoy.

Inside the book, you’re going to find all kinds of neat Texas stuff, like:

  • Texan foods
  • Texas history
  • Funny Texan License Plates
  • Root Scoot Boogie Boots
  • Texas flags
  • Texas quotes
Inside of Texas coloring book with cowboy boots and texas flags
Makes me want to color and two step at the same time

This fun-filled coloring book will make the perfect gift for any kid interested in Texas, whether they live there or not. It’s a fun way to build awareness in kids of the big, beautiful world around them.

  • They help to build hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills
  • They can help develop focus in kids who complete tasks
  • They’re a great screen-free way to spend some time
  • They can help in decision making skills
  • They prepare kids for following instructions in school
  • With proper technique, they can help improve handwriting
  • They can help with mathematical skills like geometry and proportion
  • They’re a great form of expression, allowing kids to choose the colors
  • The confidence from finishing a project can boost their self-esteem.
  • They allow creativity to flourish

Here are ten great reasons why coloring books are an essential part of childhood:

But the most important reason that kids should have coloring books is that they’re fun! That’s the main motivator for young people, and it’s probably the most important part of being a kid. If you can’t have fun when you’re young, it’s really hard to learn it as you grow up.

The Big Texas Coloring Book is 47 pages of good times waiting to happen. You can come take a look at what other people think of it, and order your own copies right here.

Page of Texas Coloring Book with text overlay- Big Texas Coloring Book Review

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